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On-Site HOA Security Inspections
by SecurityNet Security Consultants

Basic on-site security inspections seek answers to questions like these:

A skilled expert will typically see at least a few serious problems that owners would never notice. He or she should inspect the grounds, common areas, and at least two typical units. Sensitive interviews of a sample of owners, tenants, and nearby neighbors are helpful. Observing daily routines (day, night, weekends, even holidays), something smart criminals do by the way, with a practiced eye is another standard practice. An expert consultant will, within a relatively short period of time, understand how the community functions and what its critical security issues are.

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Professional Assistance

SecurityNet is very experienced at improving condominium HOA, apartment, and senior citizen community security. We would be happy to answer general questions by directors, owners, or managers at no charge and to discuss options for obtaining expert solutions to specific security challenges. Please feel free to contact us at (415)392-1810 or by email at