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Condominium HOA Security
by SecurityNet Security Consultants

Security is on the long list of issues and responsibilities condominium Home Owner Association (condo HOA) boards of directors and association managers have on their agendas. Fortunately they also have a number of tools for addressing the challenge of optimizing security.

These tools include a neighborhood watch, maintaining overall appearance of the community, close co-operation with local law enforcement, on-site inspections, immediate removal of graffiti, educating residents to call law enforcement rather the association management when noticing suspicious behavior, doing everything possible so that neighbors know and recognize one another, and hiring an expert security consultant to make a written assessment that provides comprehensive lists of possible security risks along with practical means for minimizing them. Each of these measures when combined and coordinated is more powerful in motivating criminals to practice their trade elsewhere.

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Professional Assistance

SecurityNet is very experienced at improving condominium HOA, apartment, and senior citizen community security. We would be happy to answer general questions by directors, owners, or managers at no charge and to discuss options for obtaining expert solutions to specific security challenges. Please feel free to contact us at (415)392-1810 or by email at

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